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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas lights .

when i was younger, just about this time of year, my family and i would pile into our super-trendy, 1985 gray volkswagen vanagen around dusk, pick up a Pizza Hut pizza and drive around the surrounding neighborhoods in the upcountry area of maui. our mission: find the best decorated house. usually this meant the house with the most Christmas lights. i'm sure, though, if we saw the house on the right in this photo, we'd pick that one. hahaha.

i miss looking at Christmas lights with the fam...

p.s. it's 25 degrees here in city. this is the first time i've been in 25 degrees. ever. oh my!

1 comment:

AandW Drive-Thru said...

Ha!Ha! That's too funny! :) How are you surviving the cold? Just wait until you make a trip to AK... maybe your first experience should be in the summer! ;)