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Thursday, August 13, 2009

{ thank you note }

Father, thank You.

t h a n k Y o u x hundred .

i stand in awe of Your goodness, Lord, and Your faithfulness even in the darkest of days. my eyes are slightly swollen, as i gently smudge off the last hints of mascara from my wednesday. despite the painful exchanges between madj and i, You have shown me great beauty Abba. I choose to set my heart on the things above, which are being carefully crafted in us during trying times.

i thought it would be most appropriate to include a thank you note for the things which i am utterly blessed by, Father. [ see below ]

praises : : :

You have never left my side .
You have answered the desire of sister's heart in love and marriage .
You have enabled moto to return to school .
You are binding up mom's wounds and freeing her from guilt .
You are granting me the relationship with dad i've always wanted .
You are restoring my family .
You are renewing our minds .
You are healing our hearts .
You are pouring out Your abundance in our lives .

thank you, Abba for : :

my friendlies, who keep on loving me, despite my faults .
my cousin, who i will move in with soon and begin this season of new adventures .
my animals, hugie / little boy / cowboy / myrna / mangoat / billy / bernadette / jr. boy .
my job, the new one which You will supply when i move to seattle .
my favorite boy, who cares about me and is learning to speak my language and can see into my heart . he is a blessing to me, Lord, and i hope i get to keep him .

i have so much, Jesus.
You love me so much. may i give unto You freely, Father. teach me to share how You do.


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