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Monday, May 11, 2009

getting/growing up thoughts .

it's 7:30 am on a monday. i'm up early again.

go figure.

every time i try to sleep in, it has the reverse effect. well, i guess i did get almost eight full hours, no complaining there. i have the next four days off from work, as it's been rather slow for our company. 'forced vacation' i like to call it. i'm praying for gratitude though, as this is the closest thing i'll have to the summer breaks i greatly anticipated and enjoyed as a child. at the moment, i'm trying to roll off my pillow-top mattress and unfurl myself from the feathery-soft comforter i have tightly bound around my body. it's go-time: jog-time, that is.

the fray's 'look after you' just started playing on my radio. it's been so rough at times this past year, God. growing up is hard. why did i ever think it'd be so much fun? it's difficult holding on to my childlike hopes, just to be beaten down by this world's pain. Lord, please cultivate an unwavering joy within my soul--one that is steadfast and firmly rooted in You. no matter how painful life gets.

Lord, please look after me.