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Saturday, November 28, 2009

re: grateful girl .

dear friends,

in this season of thanksgiving, joy and redemption, i need to pause and say thank you. i know that i tend to get caught up in the craziness that is life, but quiet moments in prayer and reflection seem to stir an indescribable spirit of gratitude in my heart. the Lord has blessed my life in profound ways this last year, as He is constantly showing me how i must set my heart and my mind on "things above" and walk through disappointments, uncomfortable experiences, trials and heartache in order to see Him, kneel at His feet and humbly admit my weaknesses.

thank you for journeying with me in this season. i appreciate you deeply. i wrote this list as i thought about how all of my friends continue to show me Jesus.

thanks for giving :: :

your time .
your ear .
your hand .
your feet .
your heart .
your voice .
your words .
your letters .
your tales .
your lists .
your travels .
your jokes .
your run-ins .
your laughs .
your sorrows .
your smiles .
your tears .
your dreams .
your joys .
your hurts .
your fears .
your talents .
your skills .
your food .
your home .
your music .
your cat(s) .
your dog(s) .
your quirky parents .

your siblings .
your children .
your childhood .
your college years .
your present .
your past .
your weaknesses .
your troubles .
your triumphs .
your love .

thank you for sharing your Jesus, too. He's in all those things.

and thank You, Lord, for pouring out Your love on my life in such rich ways. may I see Your beauty in the everday and cultivate a grateful heart, as i see You at work in all the details. and in all my relationships.


"As iron sharpens iron,

so one man sharpens another."
proverbs 27:17

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