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Saturday, September 26, 2009

my heart, at home.

i've been in seattle a little over a week now.
it's starting to feel more and more like home with each passing day. home, meaning a place in which i feel quite comfortable. the "seattle-ites" are warm overall and i love the tall trees interspersed between the tall buildings. puget sound is also lovely; it reminds me of a big lake i may have seen in a book once. isaac and i are enjoying his two red bikes--one is a fixed gear, with which he is able to master the art of "skidding" and the other is a free wheel, the typical gear-based bike which he lets me ride (although i do enjoy alternating between that and walking, since my legs are recovering from our two and a half hour bike race through the city the other night). i have also made a wonderful new friend named anna who drives up from tacoma to visit. we've strolled through downtown together, gotten lost by car en route to target, experienced unwanted male attention from awkward cashiers and actually eaten swedish meatballs at ikea, among other things. i have to say that one of my favorite things about seattle is its diversity. it's also so neat how a lot of women here aren't that fashionable. hmm...maybe i said that wrong. i like how women feel comfortable dressing themselves in neutral shades, while sporting flats or whatever is most suitable for walking long distances. there isn't as much pressure here to be ridiculously thin and i appreciate that. women in seattle have curves, and they flaunt it. well, enough about that. regarding my style these days, i've been wearing small boy cut t-shirts from h&m with jeans and my bright red cardigan most days. perhaps since i'm in the city, i don't feel as inclined to get dressed up all the time. when i get a job, that may change though. speaking of which, i'm applying for jobs this week. i'll keep everyone updated on any call-backs. with that said, i should probably hit the sack. we have church in the morning and then isaac and i are biking to the next town over for pizza with our aunt and cousins.

thank you Lord for blessing me in this new chapter. i'm really enjoying seattle...


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Anonymous said...

"Seattle-ites" ! :) I love it.... isn't it nice not feeling like you have to dress to impress?! Although, I can't imagine you not turning a few heads *wink*...

Good luck job hunting this week! Love u..... <3