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Saturday, March 21, 2009

it's 9:54 pm on a friday night.

i just got back from uncle tom's birthday bonanza. he turned 58 maybe? i saw uncle jerry, my favorite uncle, who flew in for a few days from maryland. we already set a date for tomorrow night: uncle j and me, watching a jazz singer at the best theatre on the island. i'm excited. other than that, here are some random thoughts for the day :::

1. even though grams passed away last september, i still miss her just as much tonight as i did the night she went to be with Jesus.

2. although i skipped church today, my heart was still there. i tried to the best of my ability to get there, but my work schedule changed last-minute and i had to let go of that desire. sometimes i have to let go of things i really want to do, and that's ok. i'm learning to be flexible and not grasp things so tightly.

3. don't talk to a guy alone at a party for more than 20 mins if he seems at all like he may have a gf present. she will get jealous. and then refer to him as "her man" when she sees you, in a 'back-off' tone of voice.

4. it is possible to say "NO" to desserts for a consecutive week(s)--even if it is extra-moist and fluffy coconut cream birthday cake. the trick is to walk away slowly and quietly.

well, i'm off to eat mango salsa. and then call it a night.


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Nohea said...

#3--uh oh maina, uh oh.